Russian Anti-war Protestors Arrested in St Petersburg

Hundreds of Russian civilians who have been protesting against Russia's invasion have been arrested by Russian Riot Police.

Thousands of Russians have gathered in St Petersburg in Russia to protest against the brutal invasion of President Putin. These civilians were peacefully protesting in the streets. When it was made known to the higher officials, hundred of Riot police were deployed to take the situation in control.

There was no need for the deployment of the police as they were protesting peacefully with placards. They were arrested for voicing and standing against their country's inhumane act. And we don't know the status of these arrested civilians yet.

A brave lady said, "This was not the war we wanted. This was the war that our Leadership wanted" as she was dragged to the police vehicle. Russian police didn't make a mess by badgering their own civilians.

Putin might not want a civil war breaking inside his country while 75% of his troops invade a neighboring country.

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