Russia Vetoed UN's Resolution Condemning Their Invasion

Updated: Feb 27

We are all aware that Russia is conducting special military operations on Ukraine. More precisely, it is a full-scale invasion on Ukraine for extending its arms to NATO and the EU. Russia concerns Ukraine's help for NATO countries can become a threat to their own nation.

Moreover, the invasion also has other reasons such as the Crimean river. Ukraine cut off the Crimean river that has been supplying around 80% of the freshwater to Russia. Ukraine didn't provide Russia with its water even after countless diplomatic meetings. Putin can't take it anymore.

Recently, President Putin of Russia assembled military and special forces in east Ukraine. They aren't deployed for any border protection operations because these troops are armed to their teeth. Additionally, they are equipped with tanks, missiles, and naval support.

Many countries have condemned Russia's war on Ukraine since many innocent lives have fallen prey on the first day of the war. Kindergartens and civilian shelters have been targeted by Russia's airborne missiles.

UN's Security Council

UN has conducted a vote condemning Russia's full-scale invasion. Members of the UN have been called to register their vote. Biden's administration made sure everything in their power to make Russia come to a diplomatic solution. But Russian administration is not going to stop their invasion.

So, every country has a choice of either voting for Russia or America's diplomatic solution. 11 countries have voted in favor of America's diplomatic solution. China was expected to vote for Russia but they have abstained. India and the United Arab Emirates were expected to vote against Russia. They have also abstained from their vote.

With a majority of 11 votes, the UN has decided to rule this hearing in USA's favor. Therefore, Russia has to stop every military operation inside Ukraine that endangers innocent lives.

Russia exercised VETO

Russia vetoed out of the UN's security council's final judgment. You might be wondering what is Veto and how can Russia just not object to the UN's final decision. Veto is the right given to the permanent members of the UN to reject any decision made by the UN. USA, China, France, Russia, and the UK are the five permanent bodies of the United Nations. Russia Veto

These five countries have the right to revoke any direct order given to them by the UN. Though they have Veto, it is not an often thing to see. Because they try to save the Veto only for desperate situations. This shows the mentality of Putin's Russian Administration.

US Ambassador

After Russia exercised its veto, the US ambassador took the stand and said, "You can veto this resolution but you cannot veto our voices; cannot veto the truth; cannot veto our principles; cannot veto the Ukrainian people; cannot veto the UN Charter…and you will not veto accountability.”

She also added, despite the failure of the effectiveness of this vote, the USA will stand with the people of Ukraine and help them throughout this war. We are not sure whether it is a comforting arm for Ukraine or a callout for war with Russia. Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?

We hope that peace prevails at the end!

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